posted Jul 24, 2013, 9:54 PM by Robert Schulz   [ updated Jul 24, 2013, 9:56 PM ]

She Creatures - 2013. Alicia Hunt as Pandora.
Photo by Robert Schulz

Howdy All!

Sorry we haven't had a blog post for the past few days.  Once we survive the week leading up to the first weekend of shows, and then make it through the shows themselves, everyone wants to enjoy their time not at the Barn in non-Barnyard Theatre related ways, which does not include writing blog posts...

But, we're back now!  The first weekend went very well, with only a few minor technical glitches that were mostly invisible to the audience (dratted color scrollers!).  We're looking forward to two more weekends of performances, so if you haven't made it out to the Barn yet to see the show, you have seven more chances.

Now, we're starting to plan for the final step of the production process - Strike.  A theatrical strike is the opposite of a labor strike - it is a LOT of work.  When the show is over, we don't get to turn out the lights, shut the doors, and go home.  Nope, we still have to return the barn to its usual function - a working agricultural barn.  All the set work, seating, the lighting rig, the hundreds (thousands?) of pounds of sand on the floor, the dressing/costume area...that all needs to go away.  Everything that took us weeks to put together gets removed from the Barn.  Most of the work will happen in one day - the day after the last show.

Weeks of work, swept away in one day.

As Brian said, "Theatre is in the moment. Art in time. Blink, and it’s gone."

So don't blink, and miss your chance to see this bit of art.  Come on out and see the show, before it is gone.

Robert Schulz is Master Electrician and photographer for Barnyard Theatre.