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Writer/Word-Maker: Briandaniel Oglesby
Director: Steven Schmidt

Workshop Performances: August 9 and 18 at 7:30 p.m.
It's 1956, July, and the town of Monticello in the Berryessa Valley is slated for demolition. Houses, orchards, and businesses are being dismantled or burned, the cemetery is being uprooted, and folks whose families have been neighbors for generations are scattering. Lake Berryessa is coming. And all Susie Shaw wants to do is save the family house.

The last days of Monticello provide the setting for Dammed. The play follows the Shaw family as they struggle to come together when their history - and their reason for being together at all - is about to disappear.

The Project

Over a handful of weeks, Barnyard is intensely workshopping the work-in-progress for possible production in 2013. Come and be part of the Dammed development process. The show involves some audience participation, and we will be looking for feedback. Join us at the barn for either or both staged readings.

Susie: Denver Skye Vaughn
Bill-Bill: Sean Olivares
Abe: Josh van Eyken
May: Ashley Bargenquast
Terrence (Tall): Jeremy Reinhard
Sarah: Maddy Ryen
Carla: Allie Polubiec
Jesse (Junior): James Henderson
McWillsin: Kane Chai