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Pinky poster, design by Jenny Estremera.
Written by David Templeton
Directed by Maddy Ryen

Saturday, July 26
Friday, August 1
Saturday, August 2

Tickets:  Free! (suggested donation $10)

All performances begin at 8:00 p.m. at the Schmeiser Barn.

Note: Similar to our 2011 production of Nahar, this play is being performed as a staged reading. Basic technical elements (a set, props, lighting) will be present, but some actors may still be reading from scripts at times during the performance.

A charmingly odd comedy about love, friendship, and other role-playing games. When David meets Pinky, he is instantly smitten. Pinky joins his group of brainy, Tolkien-quoting friends, and reveals her own quest to find her "P.C." - short for Prince Charming. Determined to sweep Pinky off her feet, David enlists the help of their friends in a scheme to prove he is Pinky's prince – a plan involving swordfights, treasure hunts, and a battle against the forces of evil. As Pinky and David recount the tale, their separate memories morph into one outrageous story of teenage love, friendship, and happily-ever-afters.

Originally written for a cast of two, Director Maddy Ryen has expanded the production to include a hilarious ensemble cast of David's misfit friends, in the first production of Pinky since the playwright's own debut performance.


David - Geoffrey Albrecht
Pinky - Madeline Stone
Jake - Antonio De Loera-Brust
Ashley - Mina Arasteh
Troy - Ethan Jaffe
Tamora - Millisant George
Curtains - Will Kingscott
Aunt Emily - Betsy Raymond

Pictures from rehearsals may be viewed on the Barnyard Theatre Facebook page.