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Written by Meghan Brown
Directed by Steven Schmidt

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Original painting of Psyche and Eros and
poster design by Elizabeth Hadden.
Meghan Brown's Psyche is "a classic tale of love, betrayal, and blindingly good sex."  In this darkly humorous retelling of the Greek myth, a young poet wastes away in the attic coaxing poetry from his muse, the immortal Psyche.  His mother, an aging movie star, is set to begin a new life with her new lover, his former best friend.  What do we really want from the people we love?  People who see us for what we are? Or people who are willing to remain blindfolded?

Psyche: Madeline Stone
Peter: Anthony Pinto
Vera: Alison Whismore
Ali: Jason Oler
Sarah: Camille Beaumont
Eros: Josh van Eyken