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She Gets Naked in the End
Playwright: Briandaniel Oglesby
Director: Alicia Hunt

Rehearsals: June 30 - July 5
Performances: July 6 - 7

Audition information here.

SHE: You know from looking at her

HE: She’s trouble.

SHE: She’s the end of the world. She glides into the bar. Doesn’t even look at the bulldog bouncer guarding the door, doesn’t have to, she owns the place, it’s in her jeans, the leather boots.

HE: This is the Copper Hog.

SHE: Welcome to the Copper Hog. Curls of cigarette smoke hang in the air like Christmas ornaments. The air rings, sounds of merriment scented with alcohol, and a whiff, here and there, of vomit. Dollar bills flutter from the ceiling…”

-- From the opening of She Gets Naked in the End

Every night, an untouchable woman walks into the Copper Hog bar like she owns the place, but always leaves alone. Men fall over themselves trying to get her attention, but it’s a woman from her past who forces her to give up her secrets. She Gets Naked in the End will go through a weeklong rehearsal and design process, culminating in two staged performances. The play requires three actors. Oh, and y’all have to be willing to curse.


SHE (female, late twenties to late thirties): Elle wears boots. When she walks into a bar, everyone watches her. Touch her, and she’ll break your hand. Actors plays multiple ages.

ALEX (female, late twenties to late thirties): Alexandra van Buren is a housewife running away from home, looking either for herself or to escape who she is. She’s the only one who can bring Elle back to earth. Actor also plays Elle’s Mother, a scruffy, racist con-artist desperately scrambling to keep her family together. Oh, and the actor also plays Addie the cranky bartender for a heartbeat.

HE: (male… can be pretty much any age). Plays a number of terrible men, and a couple good ones, including the dudes who keep hitting on Elle at the bar, Elle’s not-quite-together father, a couple creepers, a Texan, Mr L the pervy PE teacher, Alex’s uberjock boyfriend/husband, a gnarly bartender, and a teenager.